Brown Family (Honeycomb student, Parent, & Past Employee)

As a previous student and employee at this facility, I can attest to the wonderful care and attention the children receive. I was a student myself for years, and then returned to join the staff while attaining my degree in Education. Honeycomb School is a safe school, a FUN school, and a clean facility; with the toys/mats/supplies being monitored for flaws and disinfected daily. The lunches are prepared with nutrition in mind and the students are receiving correct portions, which is an important factor for parents who are worried about their children being healthy. The teachers I worked with while employed at Honeycomb were educated, patient with the children and excited to be a part of the staff. The managerial and administrative staff have worked with children for 30+ years and know how to handle children of all backgrounds with Christ's love. It is amazing to see how my teachers then became my co-workers, especially in today's society. This is not just a "job" to these ladies, Honeycomb is a FAMILY. This school has been a cornerstone in my childhood and a wonderful memory as an employee; I still send Christmas cards! I have since moved from the area and as a future parent looking for daycare centers for my child, I can only say I wish there was a Honeycomb near me. This school sets the bar high for a childcare facility and leaves much to be desired if you attend elsewhere. There is no question where I would feel safe leaving my infant, toddler or after-schooler!