Kimbell Family (Parent)

Honeycomb is a great daycare center. Making the decision to enroll my child in Honeycomb was very carefully determined, I checked every daycares reviews, rates, hours and toured them all, needless to say Honeycomb was the only one the grabbed me. They were very clean, organized, they have seperate rooms for each age group, they have a large assortment of toys and tools to help entertain children of all ages and they have working mini toilets to help your child transistion to potty training(how awesome). I was impressed. Now after almost four months I am still greatly pleased with my childs development and transistion into their care. He has learned soooo much since his enrollment. My child is so excited to be at school that when we arrive he jumps from my arms and I have recently experienced him crying and squeezing their neck because he wanted to stay when I came to pick him up. He's only 1. He loves it. Also, Honeycomb has an open door policy, you can go see your child any time you'd like. The only problem it could create, and I agree..... is that your child could associate you going to their class as you having the ability to stay there with them all the time, and makes it harder for them to just let you leave. It keeps the fussing down. It also helps them to get over you leaving sooner when they are moved to a new enviornment after leaving you, because they are distracted. I approve of their set up and find they all do a great job with my son, he clearly loves them all.