Morris Family (Honeycomb student, Parent, and Past Employee)

Just wanted to write a review on Honeycomb School to say how very pleased we are, and have always been, with the care given to ourselves, and now our children. All three of our children went to Honeycomb and were given extraordinary care. Everything from the learning environment, class rooms, lunches, outside play, and social interaction is perfect. And after having our children there for over a 12 year period of time, I can only say that Honeycomb employs the most loving and caring staff I've ever seen (I was also an employee at Honeycomb at one point). We've all received care that has enabled every one of us to completely excel in all levels of school since. We truly believe it was because of this beginning phase of education that our children have gone on to do so well. We owe everything to Honeycomb, their staff, and all those who made such a huge impact on our family's lives.